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A Running Coach For All Levels

Would you like to see Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Garza, Playa Pelada in a little different way? Come run with me to take the guessing game out of your next run. I have been running my whole life, I have been coaching athletes and helping them heal injuries, train for races, dig into the deep trenches of what makes them tick for 20 years. I have experience with top level athletes and beginners to boot. I LOVE to run and I LOVE to share running with others. Come see Nosara in a unique way.



My Experience, My Passion

I grew up on a diary farm and we had lots of freedom to roam. I used to run the back roads to get to my friend's house. This led to running track and cross country in high school. I loved running from the start. I ran in college, but didn't really start competing until 1998 when I ran my first marathon. I remember feeling really good, really bad, really lost, and really found. After that, I started dabbling in things like Ironman, Xterra, Half Ironman, ITU World Championships, 50 mile trail races, 50KM trail races, and everything in between. I was a junky. All the while, training other athlete junkies like me. With my degrees in athletic training and exercise sciences, I gained the foundational education. Through certifications in Active Release Techniques, Structural integration, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, and countless others, I gained the skills. But, it has been through my experience that I have learned the most. I have learned to listen to my body and trust my natural instincts. I have learned to heal myself and that has been the greatest education of them all. Running for me is meditation and a way to release stress. I no longer run to achieve a goal that is not in line with my higher objective which is to feel good more often than not and to live a very long and healthy life. It is my higher purpose to see my children grow up and maybe have kids of their own. In order to do that, I must take care of myself. Running is a part of achieving that goal as it allows me to clear my head, move my body, meet amazing people who feed me with life giving energy, and spend time in nature.



Train for life

I can take you running. We will see parts of the beautiful area that you may not find on your own. I can help you with form, stretching, questions about nutrition, or just answer questions about the area. I offer personalized training, specific training like running up or down hills, trails focused runs, hills focused runs, beach focused runs, combinations, and meditative running. Runs are customized to your goals. Send me a message to let me know your goals ahead of time and I will plan your run or multiple runs. I can meet you at your hotel or house, we can meet at a public place, we can meet at a trail head. We can discuss your goals ahead of time and I will come up with a plan that will best accommodate your needs.
I have been coaching runners for a long time and on many levels. I have been running for many years and have found peace and meditation, head clearing and heart opening. I have made friends with so many people through running. The trails are my therapy, my church, and my home base. Let's run together. 
Nosara Running also offers running retreats and camps. For 5 days, you will run some of the most beautiful, most rugged, and the most yummy routes in Costa Rica. You will have catered meals, massages, yoga, and surf lessons if you are interested. Rachel will be available for private coaching during the camps and usually has a guest coach assisting her. Nosara Running can custom design a camp for you as well. This is great for groups, families, clubs, and gyms who want to explore the area and need an experience set up for them. This takes the guess work out of your trip to Nosara. You can then relax into your runs without worrying about certain aspects. 
Email me now to set up your next run.

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See Nosara runs are customized to your desires. We can do beach, trails, roads, town tours, and combinations. We can do 5KM, 10KM, 21KM, and longer if you want.

Woodland Path



I am a licensed CHEK practitioner and certified coach. I help you look at all parts of your life to identify what might be holding you back from getting what you want out of your life. We establish a dream, we find imbalances, we look at how and why you make the decisions you do, we assess your 4 doctors, and we identify the reasons you may not be getting what you want right now. Sessions last 90 minutes and happen in my Playa Guiones Office.




$15 tourist-$10 local-$5 Costa Ricans

This class is designed to help you get into shape, maintain fitness, and work up a sweat with a dynamic warm up, 8-10 exercises set up in circuit format, core work, and a brief breathing meditation to close. With the circuit, you are responsible for your own output. Meaning, you don't have the pressure to keep up with others or go the pace of others. It is up to you to push hard or take it easier dependent on your current level of fitness, injuries, and micro-cycle of training. Rachel watches your form, however, and will guide you to do the exercise properly in order to gain the most benefit from the work. Class is 1 hour and offered at Bodhi Village.



Work with Rachel one on one to design a workout plan that best matches your goals. We will do an assessment of current fitness. We will discuss your attainable goals. Then, we design a game plan to help get your there.

Running Event or Marathon



Come run with Rachel on Thursday mornings starting at 8:30 from Bodhi Tree's front desk. This run is all levels and costs $5. We will run for about 45 minutes on unpaved road, trail, and sand. 

Running Athletic Women



Do you have a group coming to Nosara to visit or have a group of people you work out with that want an organized and coached run workout? Let me put together a run for your group!



Come join Rachel November 10-16th in Nosara for this amazing surf, run, retreat vacation. Mateo and Rachel will take you surfing, running, and adventuring in the Nosara area. You will have access to athletic yoga classes, massages, and great food. Shuttle to and from airport, shared accommodations, all breakfasts, 3 lunches/3 dinners, yoga classes, massages are all included in the price of $2250. We are only accepting 12 participants. Send rachel @ Nosararunning.com an email now to reserve your spot and put down your $500 deposit. 

Air fare not included in price. Flights come into Liberia, Costa Rica (2.5 hour shuttle ride to Nosara).


"Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground"

Theodore Roosevelt



Playa Guiones, Costa Rica


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